Romero Beard Balm


Let us not tire of preaching love; it is the force that will overcome the world. Let us not tire of preaching love. Though we see that waves of violence succeed in drowning the fire of Christian love, love must win out; it is the only thing that can." -Oscar Romero

Inspired by the life and words of one of our favorite modern Saints, Oscar Romero. Romero was so focused on the radical transformative power of Christ in the interior, that he help transform his entire country. Beloved in the Church, in other denominations, and even secularly, St Romero lived a faith that challenged and provoked those in and out of the Church with the love of Christ. 

We really wanted to include essence of yucca flower the nation flower of El Salvador, but you can't get it so instead we have built a similar aroma and blended it for a vibrant and bright aroma including daffodils & myrrh with hints of coffee, lily, ylang-ylang & lemongrass.