Torch & Hound Beard Balm


A bright, illuminating with a hint of smoke. This blend of cypress, cedar, orange, frankincense, pepper, and clove this blend is one of our more complex aromas. We felt no less was owed to one of our favorite Saints and founder of the Dominican order, St Dominic.

Many people believe that the dog in pictures of Saint Dominic is merely a reference to the nickname of the order,  Domini Canes translated as “the dogs of the Lord”, but it is actually comes from a dream his mother Blessed Jane had would give birth to a dog with a torch in it’s mouth that would run around and set the whole world on fire.

Saint Dominic is also one of the small number of Saints whose remains are said to emit an Odor of Sanctity. We are honored to add him to our line up of limited edition balms. This one was made in partnership with the Church of St. Dominic in Brick NJ as part of their holiday gift boxes to their community.